We are an insurance agency specializing in the afterlife since the year 410.

Myriad guides people to live the life they want now and after passing. Our team is made up of experts with extensive experience in both earthly and spiritual realms. Many of our agents are part-time spiritual entities themselves; thus, guaranteeing our clients with the most up-to-date, reliable information about the afterlife available. Our methods have a 2,000 year old reputation grounded in the laws of nature.

Our mission is to guide people through the myriad of possibilities of what that can look like, so that they can live their best life.




Myriad was established in the fifth century as an intermediary between the human world and the spiritual world. During this time, there were many changes occurring in human civilization and between the spiritual realms. The natural orders of life were being disrupted by human manipulation on an unprecedented level with the modernization of warfare under the Roman Empire.

For millennia, human evolution was balanced by Karma, freewill, and all spiritual entities; however, unlike earlier empires, the Roman Empire proved greed to be too strong of an ill for any Angel or Demon to regulate. Selfishness and injustice had transformed into institutions supported by complex belief systems. Egocentrism then infected the spiritual realm through amateur and reckless occult practices. This resulted in entities neglecting their duties and defying the restrictions of their status. The devolution undermined the purpose of all entities, earthly and spiritual, in the universal order. The chaos led a group of upper level Angels and Demons to gather and conjure a solution.

With the collaboration of hundreds of spiritual entities and the organization of thousands of humans, the Roman Empire fell. In 410 A.D. the Visigoths sacked what remained of Rome; nevertheless, it was recognized that unrestrained greed had been unleashed into humanity. Battles reigned in the spirit realm as well. Entities that had become dangerously egocentric and disloyal were either vanquished or bound.

All spirits that had participated in these efforts formed a council that would be the authority on regulating between Heaven, Earth, and the Underworld. With combined authority the council decided it was vital to become specialized in the field of reincarnation and passage into the spirit realm. Within a couple centuries, they mastered reincarnation. Those specialists became Myriad. Among the first successful tests, were on the bonded entities. They were reincarnated, or in their case reassigned, to human form, where they can truly have freewill, yet still be subject to its consequences. Our methods are based on the universal law of conservation of energy. We combine this law with that of Karma to guide the human transition into the afterlife. We at Myriad work to assure that our clients, human and spiritual alike, are on a path that is in peace with the universal order.

News: We remodeled our Underworld wing!


We can now better serve our rapidly-expanding clientele. Our remodeling consists of state of the art designs that are 90% recycled material and blue-tooth compatible. We have also hired ten new specialists in order to ensure we meet all of our client's needs.

Some of our new specialized partnerships include :


Psychology Services

Charmers ®

Lifestyle Counseling

Regressive ™

Addiction Rehabilitation Cooperative



Q: Who qualifies for a plan?

A: Everyone is welcome to request a free quote. The quotes provided via email are directly from our data based off all our client relationships to date. We recommend you set an appointment with one of our agents in order to get a tailor-made premium to fit your needs. However, in order for our insurance services to pay off, consistency and commitment is required from all our clients. Please visit our downloadable pamphlet for Things to Consider Before Applying to Myriad.


Q: Do you accept currency from any country?

A: We do accept part of our monthly fees in all modern, monetary currency. We do not accept dreadful bitcoin. However, our services are reinforced by Karma, meaning a large part of our fees are in form of actions. Specifically, actions that are geared towards your plan. For example, if you are on an Angel premium, actions of giving and helping others are the ideal. Our initial fees are quite affordable because they are tailored to each client's unique life. We encourage all Myriad prospects to see this informational video for detailed information.


Q: How fast is enrollment?

A: From application through orientation, enrollment is complete within one month. We do not grant special services for anyone of any class or status; nevertheless, if you have read all information provided, enrollment will be speedier.


Q: How guaranteed are Myriad's services?

A: We have a success rate of 95%. The vast majority of our clients have transitioned into their afterlife as they intended. These results are largely thanks to the consistency, commitment, and honesty of our clients. Our agents works closely with each client on multiple levels, from spiritual to psychological, to ensure the desired afterlife.


Q: Can prospective clients contact previous clients who have transitioned into their afterlife for advice?

A: Unfortunately the general public cannot communicate with our previous clients are not due to privacy and celestial restrictions. However, every December we host a 3-day event featuring talks and presentations from several of our previous and current clients. We also exhibit live demonstrations and performances from previous Myriad clients. These events are limited to prospective clients who RSVP, so we encourage everyone to sign up for our seasonal newsletter. Furthermore, once enrolled, all clients will have access to documented testimonials, coaches, and specialists of all fields.

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We have offices in every continent and representatives in every country.

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